The Soulful Reads Book Promotion

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What a great title for a book promotion! The tagline reads ‘Enjoy books that will touch your heart and mind.’ So I was attracted to this as a reader (and an author).

Those of you that joined me in the middle of June will know that my book ‘1962, A Nostalgic Tale of 1960s Lancashire’ is lucky enough to be part of this promotion, which runs until the 19th of July 21.

I’ve read one of the books so far, ‘The Woman Who Lost Her Love’ by Jo Lobato. I thought this was a beautiful story and like the promotion promised it did touch my heart and mind.

The Woman Who Lost Her Love by Jo Lobato

The story is about a woman called Diane who sets off with her husband, David on a holiday to Australia. But as the story unfolds, Diane’s holiday turns into a different journey to the one she expected.

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Here’s what the blurb says:

The Woman Who Lost Her Love: the life-affirming book of the spring!

A heart-warming and uplifting story of a single woman on an emotional journey of rediscovery. Perfect for fans of Mike Gayle, Gail Honeyman and Sarah Haywood.

Meet Diane, a woman in her fifties who’s lost her creativity and love of art. When her husband abandons her en route to their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary in Australia, she is forced to confront the reason he’s left, the prickly woman she has become and the secrets she’s hiding.

As Diane uncovers the passions and creativity she’s been stifling, and meets characters mysteriously connected to her past, will she manage to keep her carefully curated persona in check?

And what is the heartbreaking truth from which she’s desperately trying to flee?

A page-turning holiday read, this emotional popular women’s fiction will have you rooting for single woman Diane to find her inner strength. A book that’s both heartbreaking and heart-warming, about the power of female friendship and the importance of holding onto the passions that make us unique.



And here’s my little review (five stars)

Brilliant! Diane heads out on holiday to Australia with her husband, David. Except, David is the type to choose Diane’s clothes (the horror!), and he has something to say about her hairdo. Then… as the blurb says, David abandons Diane on the plane. With no husband and no luggage (imagine), Diane has no choice but to continue a journey. Don’t worry, the women in Diane’s life back in England (book club friends and sister) are in her head telling her what to do and how to behave. Then there is her daughter, Bertie, who Diane continually emails and imagines what she would think of her Australian adventures. Diane’s transformation is truly uplifting, and as the plot unfolds, you’ll need something to wipe your tears away with.

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Don’t forget the promotion link to help you find the book :

Here are some more covers from the promotion (but the best thing to do is click on the link to see the books)

Soul Deep by Angela Kay Austin
1960: My Black Skin by Angela Kay Austin
A Journal of Cosmic Memories: The Dimension of Trees by Ben Benyamin
The Sun Rose in Paris: Portraits in Blue - Book One by Penny Fields-Schneider
Friend of My Enemy by Raven Banks
The Valley of the Dogs, Dark Stories by James Musgrave

Coming next… I will probably write one of my mini-drama posts there is always plenty going on in my sit-com life. AND Curmudgeon Avenue has just joined a Christmas book promotion, in JULY! Click here for Christmas books:

Happy reading everyone, see you soon, Samantha 🙂

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