I Don’t Know How They do it, Their Eyes Must be all Over Their Heads!

20180322_183857I’ve recently ran a five day free promotion on one of my e-books ‘Quirky Tales to Make Your Day’. This created a self inflicted wild goose chase of networking with social media pages and potential reviewers – one said yes, RESULT! The last time I tried to get people to review me, I gave free books to actual people I know. I have decided to keep plodding on, but before I do try and look at things from the reviewer’s point of view. After all this week’s social networking I have sold about one book to the ten I have promised myself to read! I don’t know how these book reviewers do it! Their eyes must be all over the place! Not to mention, can you imagine not being able to just read an old classic?! I bet they get loads of e-mithers! Nevertheless, I’ve decided to start reviewing – although my priority is writing my next novel, if I read something I like, I’ll share it and if I don’t have anything nice to say, I won’t say anything at all. You won’t catch me posting a two stars with no comment on Goodreads! And you never know, I might get ‘reviewed back’!

That picture above is not representative of the several million (not really it’s about 11 or twelve) indie published books I have downloaded or ordered the paperback of this month waiting to be read. But notice how my father-in-law’s book has sneaked itself on the photo, oh! And one of mine, Piccalilly up there in the top right corner!

Reviewers, I salute you!

Happy Saturday, Samantha.

1962 (My Next Book on its Way)


A productive weekend meeting up with my talented illustrator friend Lyndsey ( ellepeablog.wordpress.com ) planning the cover of my novel ‘1962’.  A fictional story about young Ernest Bradshaw from Bolton. Who, despite global uncertainty of threatened nuclear war, decides he absolutely must become a cycling champion before the world ends. The story follows Ernest’s journey, and the problems he finds himself faced with when attempting to execute his ambition. The events in the news are played out in the lives of the supporting characters. Although the backdrop is a true and serious part of history, without taking away from that, the novel has been written with my ‘sense of fun’ style. A story of strength and determination overcoming adversity. Which, in the absence of finding the right words at this time, strength is what we do best in this part of the world.

Aiming for a September self publication, snippets of chapters to follow.

Corner of a photo courtesy of my Dad.

Copyright Samantha Henthorn (2017)

photo 2Copyright ellepeablog.wordpress.com (2017) This took Lyndsey seconds to sketch out, she has oodles of creativity. There must be something in the water around here!

Quirky Tales to Make Your Day

003Hello! My short story collection, ‘Quirky Tales to Make Your Day’ is now available from Amazon in e-book and paperback. Twenty six short stories that are almost guaranteed to make your day. Two crimes, two ghosts, aliens on the beach in Brighton, teenagers finding sweets in a lift, missing underwear. You get the idea…

I have published two of them in full previously on this blog (‘American Elevator’ and ‘V is for Victim’) here is a snippet of one of my favourites ‘Midget Gems’.


Midget Gems

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. That’s what Shona told me to do, ‘Don’t let your nan or your mam see, they’ll be able to tell we’ve been drinking.’ That’s what she’d said, before she ran off down Coconut Grove. We’d ran and ran and then waited for someone to let me in with their fob key. Running for our lives, but I don’t know why. It’s tomorrow now and I’m not going to bed, but OMG! How fast could we run last night! Well funny… I don’t think I’m ever going to sleep again… I’d better breathe now… I’ve been waitin’ ages now… I’d better breathe… It’s a million years since Shona and Kelly and me ran down… ran down? Where did we lose Kelly? Oh shiiiiiii-ugar!


Happy reading! Samantha






The Progress of Piccalilli (my self publishing journey)

imag0385I originally wrote the story ‘Piccalilli’ for my mum. The story is very (very) loosely based on her family (my nana and two great uncles) with my mum’s consent I have self published on Amazon, ‘Piccalilli’ is available for 99p.

I have now added a subtitle ‘Piccalilli: A remembrance day short story’

Set during World War One, the story is about Lillian, an eight year old girl who is missing her older brother, Joe (a soldier) When her parents receive a telegram informing them of the worst, Lillian discovers that Joe’s spirit appears in a series of comforting events.

At only sixty pages long, it is aimed at children aged 8-10 but adults can (hopefully) enjoy it too.

This is the first time I have self published. There is a lot to learn and the exercise has been time consuming. On reviewing the finished piece, I immediately wanted to change bits and pieces within the manuscript. I changed the cover, but the new picture has not yet appeared on Amazon. When you download your file, they use software to edit it, some things appear changed, but inevitable grammar mistakes appeared like gremlins sending me to the naughty corner. Now amended (lots) Every change takes 72hours to appear, and within that time the author is unable to ‘double check’… (and within this week I’ve had hospital appointments and an assignment to submit for my degree)

It’s a simple story, but I really felt the need to write it. I had an idea, that because it was written in my uncles’ memory, I could donate any proceeds to the British Legion. I am still learning, and I have found out that I would have to reach the £100 threshold (about 600 books) to be able to receive any profits from Amazon. This is a rather grandiose ambition for a little children’s book written by a novice! So for this year, it is too much of a longshot as Remembrance Day is in five days/ Remembrance Sunday in a week… Instead, I have sent a personal donation to the British Legion in my great uncles’ names. Hopefully, this time next year I will have learnt more and written more….