Book Review Earthbound (Jim Stone series #1&#2 Mass Exodus) by Paul Falk

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Climate change is all over the news – and rightly so. Now, these two books that I have read recently by Paul Falk are not directly about climate change but they sort of are. An asteroid is hurtling towards the earth and it is not going to end well. These books have haunted me, the end of the world could happen – and it will happen (although I haven’t read book 3 yet – I presume/hope it is being written). Here are my reviews:

Earthbound (Jim Stone, #1)

Oh! I just had to read this immediately, a book about one of my worst (probably unfounded) fears, an asteroid colliding with earth. Honestly, I used to have a recurring dream about this kind of thing and I know I’m not alone. Nightmares or not, this is a gripping read, an alternative to the Brexit story, thirty-two days until the big event plastered all over the news for 24 hours a day, except in this novel, the characters are more likeable and agreeable. Jim Stone is a proper hero, gathering his family and friends around him as the local community collapses. Set in California, many of the residents own guns, this and the hunter-gatherer instinct does not bode well for the people of Jim Stone’s neighbourhood. Eventually, the army gets involved. There’s a transatlantic political alliance and a standoff providing a nice bit of foreshadowing. But what is going to happen with this asteroid hurtling its way towards the earth? This novel has an abrupt ending, leaving the reader wondering – has it landed? No, there’s more to come.

The blurb:

The world reels in shock upon the discovery of a huge asteroid on a collision course with Earth. No one ever thought the day would come. Only thirty-two days remain until impact. Pandemonium and mayhem have inundated cities, suburbs – the world. Overnight, societal values vanished from the face of the earth.

Government intervention took a barbaric turn for the worst with billions of lives hanging in the balance. Jim Stone decides to take drastic measures into his own hands. A man on a mission, he had no idea what he would be getting himself into. No matter what happens, there would be no turning back.





Continuing the descent into chaos. Book two of the Earthbound series sees Jim Stone recalled to the navy and even though an asteroid is hurtling towards the earth, human nature takes over and brings out the worst in international relations. Pay attention! This is not an easy read it’s not supposed to be! Tense and thought-provoking.


The blurb: With a huge asteroid bearing down on planet Earth, time was quickly running out. A mass exodus had begun from all corners of the globe. Anywhere within 4,000 miles from point of impact was deemed the dead zone. Millions of people from around the world were on the run.
After Jim Stone’s standoff at the airport, the population in the Orient had set their sights on San Diego, a sanctuary city. Now the problem was what to do with the endless onslaught of refugees.


Join me at the same time next month to find out what happened when I read Lizzie Lamb’s books set in Scotland. Happy reading, Samantha xx

The Jack Toback series by Paul Falk – Read This Immediately!

When I was on holiday in California, almost four years ago, there was a story running in the local news about a female member of prison staff who had previously engaged in relations with two inmates. She had helped them escape on the promise that they would murder her husband. I never got to find out if they reneged on their promise or carried it out. I suspect it was an unhappy ending for all parties, but I never got to find out because on returning to the UK I discovered that escaped convicts in the US had not made the global news.

Needless to say, it is a wonderful thing when you find a book that reminds you of an anecdote. Last year, I read book one of the Jack Toback series. Set in California and in the future, here’s what I thought of book one, Caged:

A future prison in California, a solution to the cell-mate gang problems, but is it a solution? I can’t say anymore without spoiling the plot! Really enjoyed this book, it reads a bit like a Stephen King but obviously with its own style and original idea.


Ok, that was a short review from me, again I am conscious of spoiling- it’s a good book which ends in disaster for 4000 of its characters!

I have recently read book two The Line, and here’s what I thought:

I enjoyed book number two in the Jack Toback series. Set in the future, during book one, Jack had solved problems in California’s system with a great idea. Unfortunately, criminals messed it all up. But Jack is back, and in a meeting with the prison governor he becomes a major player in the new prison rehabilitation programme. The criminal underbelly don’t like this, and Jack is soon kidnapped. This is a great plot, and Jack the character is well rounded and believable. As a 5ft2 forty something woman, I would crumble if kidnapped, not Jack Toback; he had the resilience and the skills to trick his antagonist into sending a clandestine message to his rescuers. His ‘prison’ is the perfect setting and we find out what ‘the line’ is. Jack’s time in captivity is very cleverly written in the first person. Jack’s love interest, Irene is an endearing tough cookie and his captor, Woolfe is, well a wolf in wolf’s clothing! On the whole, the feeling of the book is a gripping read and yet again, a great idea for a story.


Both books are available from amazon here

A note about series books, I did not get a message from Amazon that book number two had been published… anyway, I got it in the end.

Three word review: GREAT STORY IDEA

5/5 page turner.

Happy reading everyone, Samantha xx

Book Review: The Last Driver – Episode 1- Old Dogs by Bookshelf Q.Battler

If you can imagine reading a petrol-head version of The Handmaids Tale that is as amusing and entertaining as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy then this is your book.

What a great idea for a story, and wonderful to read something so different. Frank Wylder is 63 years old in this dystopian story switching from the current year (2050) to the ‘past’ (2010). Frank is the proud owner of a classic car, nick-named Veronica, but it is now illegal to drive cars since the One World Order took over in 2032. Frank discusses his memories with his granddaughter this made me laugh several times and was very entertaining, reminding me of the time my own daughter came home from school, announcing that she ‘Did about the 90s in History… what was it like?’ Frank, along with his fellow humans are now controlled by drones who come to check up on everything, his language is amusing and beautiful about how, at his age, he has run out of care to give. Enjoyable science fiction and action elements in this well written story, and the promise of further episodes. Bravo!

page turner rating 5/5

Three word review: This could happen!

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