The Progress of Piccalilli (my self publishing journey)

imag0385I originally wrote the story ‘Piccalilli’ for my mum. The story is very (very) loosely based on her family (my nana and two great uncles) with my mum’s consent I have self published on Amazon, ‘Piccalilli’ is available for 99p.

I have now added a subtitle ‘Piccalilli: A remembrance day short story’

Set during World War One, the story is about Lillian, an eight year old girl who is missing her older brother, Joe (a soldier) When her parents receive a telegram informing them of the worst, Lillian discovers that Joe’s spirit appears in a series of comforting events.

At only sixty pages long, it is aimed at children aged 8-10 but adults can (hopefully) enjoy it too.

This is the first time I have self published. There is a lot to learn and the exercise has been time consuming. On reviewing the finished piece, I immediately wanted to change bits and pieces within the manuscript. I changed the cover, but the new picture has not yet appeared on Amazon. When you download your file, they use software to edit it, some things appear changed, but inevitable grammar mistakes appeared like gremlins sending me to the naughty corner. Now amended (lots) Every change takes 72hours to appear, and within that time the author is unable to ‘double check’… (and within this week I’ve had hospital appointments and an assignment to submit for my degree)

It’s a simple story, but I really felt the need to write it. I had an idea, that because it was written in my uncles’ memory, I could donate any proceeds to the British Legion. I am still learning, and I have found out that I would have to reach the £100 threshold (about 600 books) to be able to receive any profits from Amazon. This is a rather grandiose ambition for a little children’s book written by a novice! So for this year, it is too much of a longshot as Remembrance Day is in five days/ Remembrance Sunday in a week… Instead, I have sent a personal donation to the British Legion in my great uncles’ names. Hopefully, this time next year I will have learnt more and written more….