Birdbrain: Go Ahead Love Your Planet. Just not too much. By Virginia Arthur: Book Review.

51KypBLyH2L._SS300_Wow! A mouthful, I really enjoyed reading this. If you enjoyed Thelma and Louise and/or Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem Trees Please (available on a variety of poetry websites) then this book will appeal to you. This may seem like a never the (literary) twain shall meet, but the book starts with the protagonist Ellowyn (Ellie to her friends) starting a journey of self discovery-  out and about with her friend Patty. Ellie suffers life’s ups and downs, without spoiling, the ups are the message of this story, she becomes interested in birds and the environment. She has further adventures with her sister and brother-in-law involving ecology campaigns. There is romance, success, failure and a ‘What will she do next?’ intrigue in this book. When I started reading it, I thought ; two books for the price of one? But it isn’t, I was glad that part 1&2 are published together because it really completed the journey. What a treat it has been to read this, outside, accompanied by birdsong during a rare sunny week.

Page turner rating 5/5

Three word review : Birds world love.