Time Management Malfunction

imag0496Martha the Border Terrier puppy is a fast worker. I only turned my back to dispose of something, when I returned she had rearranged the hallway with the doormat, a puppy pad and a toilet roll. She is a constant source of amusement (By the way, the orange foot is a plastic doorstopper – her favourite toy)

If only I could write as quickly as she can destroy… later this week, one of my Open University text books got it in the corner. Very chewy.

New year’s good intentions have barely got off the ground. MS related appointments have already started (one morning taken) weekday visitors (one day) One visit to the vets for vaccinations (one morning taken) And of course, I had forgotten it was a bank holiday on Monday. I managed to finish an essay on Tuesday – hurrah! I have not written any of my book or my short stories this week – boo! MS means that I don’t have as much time because everything takes me longer. I was hoping for two days study and two days of writing.

Time is precious and management of it seemed surprisingly easier when I was nursing. It was all priority driven. Everything is a priority now, including my cats. I have been asked how they are coping with the dog. They are absolutely fine, here is a picture of Petal posing for the camera. TC will play with Martha, and Petal will let her sit beside her (unheard of in the world of Petal) Both are doing what they normally do, no signs of jealousy or  distress. imag0508

Start again Monday… Possibly a pet inspired story?

How do you manage time for creativity?

Happy writing, Samantha 🙂



I Respectfully Request the Return of my Routine

Happy new year! I can’t wait to shake off this MS fatigue and get back to spending my week managing things with yoga, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. Most of all, I can’t wait to harness the creative ideas I have floating around my head and get stuck into writing.

This time last year, I was trying to do something fulfilling with my nursing qualification. I was offered a job with Dementia UK, but it was too many hours. After a lot of soul searching, fending off negative influences from my past career and encouragement from two local writing groups, I decided to take on a BA (honours) in English Literature and Creative Writing. Part time with the Open University. Yes I looked into it thoroughly and no, it won’t affect my pension. This positive step brought me luck and I had my first publication of a short story in a nationwide magazine. Although that same magazine is now closed to submissions, I think it was a moment of serendipity that the editor accepted my writing when she did.

It is difficult and perhaps futile to plan life, but I have goals for 2017. Stay positive, self publish my short story collection ‘QUIRKY TALES TO MAKE YOUR DAY’ finish writing my book ‘1962’ … oh and train this little baby puppy girl.

2017, bring it on!

Happy new year, and happy writing, Samantha