Something Nice Happened!

‘Well we do stock Mills and Boon published novels, according to our records, you’ve read them all. Never mind, you seem as though you’re in the mood for stretching your horizons, how about stick with the romance, but try a newer author, I like this one – Laura Barnard she’s called. And I tell you what Edith, you’ll laugh your socks off’

The above is an extract from my next novel ‘Curmudgeon Avenue’ the chapter is about when Edith meets Harold for the first time, in Whitefield library, the librarian is recommending Laura Barnard as a good read. Harold, being Harold tells Edith that he is ‘writing a book himself’ and the librarian whispers ‘sounds awful’ under her breath (I’m sure a librarian wouldn’t say this, but it was funny at the time). Now I’m going to get to my point, something really nice happened to me on Friday. I emailed Laura Barnard via her website, to ask if I could name drop her. She emailed me back straight away and said yes! Reaching out can often feel like you are talking to yourself, so it’s great to get the occasional trickle so to speak!

Laura Barnard is a bestselling Amazon author, she writes chicklit, but mainly I like reading her because she is hilarious. The first book I read of hers was ‘The Debt and the Doormat’ when I was researching self publishing in 2016.perf6.000x9.000.indd It is a bit of a ‘journey story’ about two friends who make drastic changes in their lives and find love (well one of them does) – or does she? There are laughs and cliffhangers, it’s a page turner and it got me hooked! And I also thought that the story sounded so real I thought why don’t I just go for it! Now, I do like to read lots of different genres, and admittedly chicklit is not at the top of the list, but the humour is so good I consider these books a real treat after reading something a bit ‘heavier’ – like a text book, for example! This is what I’m reading now: Adventurous ProposalPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00054]

Happy reading everyone, Samantha