1962 (My Next Book on its Way)


A productive weekend meeting up with my talented illustrator friend Lyndsey ( ellepeablog.wordpress.com ) planning the cover of my novel ‘1962’.  A fictional story about young Ernest Bradshaw from Bolton. Who, despite global uncertainty of threatened nuclear war, decides he absolutely must become a cycling champion before the world ends. The story follows Ernest’s journey, and the problems he finds himself faced with when attempting to execute his ambition. The events in the news are played out in the lives of the supporting characters. Although the backdrop is a true and serious part of history, without taking away from that, the novel has been written with my ‘sense of fun’ style. A story of strength and determination overcoming adversity. Which, in the absence of finding the right words at this time, strength is what we do best in this part of the world.

Aiming for a September self publication, snippets of chapters to follow.

Corner of a photo courtesy of my Dad.

Copyright Samantha Henthorn (2017)

photo 2Copyright ellepeablog.wordpress.com (2017) This took Lyndsey seconds to sketch out, she has oodles of creativity. There must be something in the water around here!