News from June

imag0118This is a photograph of a book of poetry, containing one of my poems. In January this year, I entered a local poetry competition with United Press. They had sent flyers to libraries, advertising free entry to their competition. So I entered it, a few months later I received a letter to say that my poem had been shortlisted. In June this year, I had to buy my own copy of the book, which, as they do not charge an entry fee I thought was fair.

My Short Story in Take a Break’s Fiction Feast

imag0312See that picture in the bottom left corner, ‘Confessions of a cake-deprived bride’? That is the description for my short story ‘Eat Me’ . I was thrilled by the entire experiment, following the submission guidelines, writing editing and sending my little story through the post … and then getting a lovely e-mail to say it had been accepted for publication! I laughed my head off when I saw my name and my words in print. The professional editors had waved their magic wand and gave it a final polish (changing the names, adding the word ‘implored’ that sort of thing) . Proof that it is worth sending and submitting work.

Every good blog deserves a first post

Towards the end of a day, where it appears I do not have enough man power or hours to complete all the things I want to write, I have decided to start this blog. Hopefully soon I will have a few more moments to blog ‘the story so far’ and news of any writing competitions I have tried, rejections and exceptions and so on and so forth. It’s a short and sweet start.