Guest Post by Ahava Trivedi; an interview with the Hopeless Husband: John Webb!

The Hopeless Husband Series (4 Book Series) by  Ahava TrivediI have enjoyed Ahava Trivedi’s Hopeless Husband series so much, I asked her if she could ‘get hold’ of her protagonist, John Webb and interview him… The results have just come in, and they are hilarious!

John Webb

John Webb is constantly looking to escape the perceived monotony of his life. He’s always getting hung up on random and strange preoccupations which become his raison d’etre until his ‘real-life’ begins as a world-famous author. All these goals are a way to inspire more self-pity as that is what gets the old man’s juices flowing to write his somewhat distorted musings about himself and his thriving victim complex.

Colleagues lament him, his wife tolerates him but as far as he’s concerned, he’s the bee’s knees. Here is your chance to decide as this week, we have an exclusive interview with the hopeless husband himself.

Hi John Webb, thanks for being with us today! I’m afraid there’s a burning question I must ask as I get the feeling it’s what we’re all thinking. What do you say about being described by some, as a hopeless husband?

JW:I say that people in this world don’t value kind and unique souls enough. Most of all, they don’t know the value of dreams, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again. I am a dreamer and that doesn’t make me hopeless at all – in fact it makes me a beacon of the hope that is often so missing in this weary world.

But surely, you must realize that being married, your dream has to be one that includes the other person or at least values them as an individual with their own dreams?

JW: Sure, why not?

And – would you say your dream does include Franny?

JW: Well, the written word has always been a pursuit of solitude. It’s the melding of one’s inner world with the outer. I’m actually very talented when it comes to bringing life to the world within me, especially as my writing is primarily about me.

There you go again. I didn’t see any mention of your poor wife or her dreams!

JW: That’s because you asked me about writing, which as I already outlined, is a job for a lone wolf like me. And, if you must know, Franny fully supports my writing. Each day after work, I go straight upstairs and reflect back on the hours at school and the oppression they wrought. If anything stands out, I extricate that pearl of wisdom and immediately put pen to paper.

Okay, then. And what are Franny’s dreams and ambitions?

JW: She loves having a family, if that counts as an ambition. Oh, and she’s very much into the arts and crafts. And for reasons beyond my well-developed grasp, she enjoys spending her time teaching those sods.

That’s because she’s a teacher.

JW: It goes far beyond that. The woman even invests her personal time into doing it for free. Every Thursday evening, while I’m putting my own time towards a more impressive cause, Franny chooses to stay behind at school – even when she doesn’t have to! – so she can spend yet more time cooped up with those stupid kids.

If anything, she’s always had lady luck smiling upon her, she gets to live her dreams on a daily basis and be married to a precious and rare gem like me at the same time.

Okay, then. Wow, I’m actually thinking, we should get Franny to come in and talk to us.

JW: Oh, really? Why? There’s nothing she could tell you about me that I can’t tell you about myself.

That’s precisely it. I’d like to know what she feels about all this.

JW: All what?

You! Your arrogance, your utter cluelessness about anything and anyone who’s not you! I’m not your wife and yet I feel if I was, I’d punch you!

JW: Well, that’s not very fair. If you got to know me, I swear you’d love me. That, or be insanely jealous of me. It usually only goes two ways, from my experience.

Okay, I’ve interviewed hundreds, if not thousands of people in my career and I’ve never asked any of my guests to do this before, but I really want to…how do I say this? I really want to come away liking you so why don’t you try redeeming yourself? Tell us something you’ve done for someone else. It can be absolutely anything in the world.

JW: Okay, hmm, let’s see, our wedding anniversary is coming up soon, mine and Franny’s that is, and we’ll be celebrating twenty-five years of matrimonialdelight.

Alright, now we’re getting somewhere…

JW: For our anniversary, I’m going to be treating my beloved to a present she’ll never forget.

That does sound rather nice, unlike some of the things I’ve heard about you. What is it?

JW: That would be telling! All I’ll say, is it’ll involve the help of many talented people to bring it all into existence. And, use of my endless wit and cunning to keep a secret until just the right moment.

Alright,I have to say I’m very curious…

JW: Let’s just say, Franny will thank her lucky stars that she married me!

That sounds fantastic. You know, John, I have to say, I feel like I’ve judged you incorrectly.

JW: It’s the peril of being me. so much grandeur that people are often intimidated.

Right…And that’s all we have time for this week folks! To find out more about John Webb, you can follow his series.

The Hopeless Husband series is available via the following links :

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Goodreads (which will have links to everywhere).

Ahava Trivedi is a skilled writer, I believe her main focus is YA Fantasy literature, but this tangent into comedy-drama (my genre) has been wonderful. Thanks for the guest post, Ahava, and thank you for writing these fab books!


The Anniversary (The Hopeless Husband Series, #1)

Ahava Trivedi

Ahava Trivedi grew up in the south of England and almost on a whim one day, decided to up and move to Toronto, Canada with her sister. She is mostly a fiction author who, similar to her hasty move across the pond, likes to explore different genres that interest her by diving headlong into them first and figuring out her story as she goes along.

Ahava is currently writing some humorous reads that have taken shape as The Hopeless Husband Series. The first book in the series, ‘The Anniversary’, is out now and the next ones will be available very soon!

If you’d like to get an email whenever Ahava releases a new title or decides to give books away for free (she does this from time to time!), sign up for exclusive updates at

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Thank you for reading, and join me same time next week when Book Two of Curmudgeon Avenue The Harold and Edith Adventures starts!
Happy reading, Samantha xx

Exciting guest posts happening soon on this blog!

Hello from Bury on this Thursday afternoon. Now that serialising Curmudgeon Avenue has come to an end, I have been asking if anyone would like to guest post on my blog to talk about character and title names. And to illustrate bits of book number two of Curmudgeon Avenue The Harold and Edith Adventures I cannot contain myself about the talented folks who have already said yes.

Illustrations coming soon from Lyndsey Prince at


Here is a sketch Lyndsey Prince did of Wantha Rose, my sassy Mancunian character in the Curmudgeon Avenue series.

Kerry Howarth, at has very kindly offered to illustrate a chapter. I predict big things, she is so talented. Please give her a follow on her Instagram, here is a snippet Seven from Stranger Things:


Now for a few hints at my author guest posts,

71AqHGdYbHL._AC_US218_.Ahava Trivedi has interviewed her protagonist John Webb from her Hopeless Husband series

And! News just in Deborah J Miles of fame (advanced league blogging) has kindly written a blog post about her book Orchard View

Orchard View

The above two are going to appear within the month.

Also, when I asked my poet friend Alex Cavanagh why he never titles his poems, he answered ‘It’s just my thing’ blog post about his mindblowing poetry coming soon! Here’s a snippet from his Facebook page HERE Words From Within, a snippet:

Is it deal or no deal no one knows,
What’s going on does anyone know,
Are we in or out, have the government gone,
Who’s in charge now who’s the one,
On Halloween is it time to go,
Is it cards to the chest or time to show,
Were you a stay or leave does it even matter,
The pm is lost and the bench is in tatters,
Do the borders close or do we stay part,
Of some of the greatest countries about,
Do we share in a world with hope and power,
Or do we step out of the sun and into the shower,
Can we feed our family from our own back yard,
Or do we share with our neighbours? Hard,
Decisions now far out of our hands,
The majority bestowed this on our precious land,
So I close my eyes for I dont really follow,
And the thought of change is hard to swallow,
I have no idea what’s comming our way,
No real understanding of shit day to day,
So exit or not something’s going to be,
So until that day I’m just being me.

(A. Cavanagh 2019)

So stay plugged in, to my blog everyone!

Happy reading, Samantha xx


The Curmudgeon Avenue Series Trailer

The Curmudgeon Avenue series is currently three books.

Book One (The Terraced House Diaries) available here UK and here US

Book Two (The Harold and Edith Adventures) availablhere UK and here US

Book Three (Edna and Genevieve Escape From Curmudgeon Avenue) available here UK and here US

Book Four is being written at the moment The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue will be published at the end of October 2019.

I think the trailer captures the comedy-drama of the series, so I won’t say anything else!

Happy reading and trailer watching, Samantha xx

Copyright J&E Productions 2019


A Few Words on Self-Editing, Mistakes and Muscles.

Hello everyone and thank you for joining me on my monthly ‘writerly’ type blog post. This month, I am reflecting on self-editing, this is not a blow-by-blow guide, I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Me, as a reader is the same person as me the writer, I don’t have different hats or faces. Maybe I should though… I read voraciously, and have entered the self-publishing party – I would say the majority of what I read is independently published. When I first started looking into publishing back in 2016 I did a fair amount of research. I read a book where the word ‘fifty’ had been written as ‘fivety’ (I’ve change this a bit so to not identify anyone) and spotted various other mistakes, none of these put me off the book I was reading. Actually some of the authors I started reading in 2016 are now very successful. Even in traditionally published books, I quite enjoy spotting a mistake. Did this set a standard though? I shouldn’t judge my writing by my own reading. Most readers don’t like to see mistakes (and rightly so).

When I wrote my first self-published book, Piccalilly, I initially put it out there ‘just to see what it was like’ I was testing the waters. Don’t get me wrong, I put great care into this story, especially as it was loosely based on my mum’s side of the family. I foolishly relied on the spell checker on the self publishing platform, after all, I was just testing the waters… but before I had the chance to make myself a celebratory cup of tea… a two star review popped up on Goodreads. Oh I know that on Goodreads this means something like ‘It was OK’ and yes, authors are putting themselves out there but this was my first ever review, although it wasn’t even a review it was a rating. No words to give me a clue as to why my first ever book had failed so miserably. At the time I had decided that my way of working would be to read the book on my Kindle in order to spot the mistakes. I don’t do that now. I finished my celebratory cup of tea, dusted myself down and re-read my own book. I found a few mistakes (and I mean a few) which I amended. I’m not changing the story though. Piccalilly was given a ‘Y’ at the end, because this was my nana Lilian’s nick-name and a new cover. It’s had seven five star reviews now phew!

I do it to much (sic). Identifying common mistakes is something that I should take my own advice about. I blame my fast fingers on the typewriter – oh I was a whizz in Mrs Hickson’s typewriting lessons. That was in the late 1980s though, things have changed with me. It’s my own stupid fault for pretending I don’t have MS… prone to the odd finger slip, too many times!

When I wrote ‘1962’ I enlisted the help of my dad. The book had been influenced by his love of cycling, plus he was alive in the year 1962 I was not. Yes, his knowledge of cycling in the 1960s was priceless. Dad is a person who likes to be told, not shown when reading a book, that is the opposite of how it should be. Months of me acting as the rebellious daughter showing rather than telling and Dad changing his mind about what happened in the 60s , I finally had finished the book (and that’s only half the story about things that got in the way with that one!) I’m not saying never work with a family member, but Dad has now told me that he never ever wants anything to do with my writing ever again! (He has read the three books I’ve published since 1962, however, phew!)

I’m in ever such a rush to write all the books I want to write. I need to slow down though. During the past few months, I have noticed that I have become increasingly scatter-brained. This has only resulted in silly mistakes. I have an irrational fear (hopefully) that I am starting with the cognitive decline associated with MS. I worry that I will wake up tomorrow in the worst cloud of brain fog and never recover. I can’t even read on temporary days like this. Spreading myself too thinly though is not the correct way of managing this problem.

It’s all good fun – until you trust one of those popular grammar software things. In my second book in series of the Curmudgeon Avenue series ‘The Harold and Edith Adventures’ I had wanted to say that my character Edith was up and down with her moods. One minute she was happy, the next her husband Harold entered the room and she was miserable… Anyway, I wanted to use the word ‘lability’ (constant changing of mood) and here was my mistake, this word was taken from the discourse community of psychiatric nursing; my former occupation. Spell checker or Grammarly or something changed this to ‘labiality’ (lips), and I believed it… It wasn’t until, six months later that a superstar reviewer noticed this, and sent me an email (A blog worth looking at here Against the Flow Press.) I was so pleased, she could have just left it and not bothered to tell me – I’ll be eternally grateful for her time. It was a hilarious blooper though. I’m still laughing about it now that Edith’s labia were available on Amazon for at least six months!

There is hope. The more you write, the better things get, and the more work you put in getting yourself ‘out there’ in the big wide world of books, the more people you’ll cyber-meet and they will be willing to help you. That said, you have to do things your own way, me for example, I can’t justify spending £1000 on an editor. Don’t take my advice, that’s my advice!

A final word on mussels. Mr Henthorn will do anything for me. He has, however been avoiding the idea of proof reading my books for me. That’s OK with me. The other day, he had promised to make me a delicious and romantic seafood linguine for our evening meal. I messaged him during the day to ask if we needed anything taking out of the freezer? Here is the single word reply I received:

‘Muscles’ xxx (!)

Join me same time next month for another ‘writerly’ rambling. Happy self-editing everyone! Samantha xx



My Routine! My Writing Routine!

Before Christmas, I met with Business Mentor expert Carl Bradshaw, available on Twitter at @CarlBradshaw (he has a fancy business name I think but this was they easiest way for me to mention him.) We spoke at length about routine and he also suggested blogging a ‘writerly’ type post every month. So here I am, in the third of this series I am blogging about writing routines!

This is what I do, and I’m only sharing this to make the point that finding out what works for you is a great way of managing your time and producing results. And by results, I mean books!

I do wake up fairly early. I have more energy in the morning, my husband gets up early and we have a dog and two cats. I have a quick scan of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see if there is anyone interesting to follow, any books that catch my eye, and occasionally to pop something on about my own books! (Why not? We all do it!)

Then I write a list of things I want to work on later. 

The above list is very important. In the morning, I have my ‘thinking head’ on. If I don’t complete my list, no problem it goes on the next day’s list. Then, and this is relevant to me personally, I spend some time on the programme my physiotherapist put together for me. I visit SP Therapy Services in Bury once a month at least this helps keep me ‘well’ enough to write.

Then I have a rest.

This is important to replenish energy and get me ready for the big event. Between the hours of one and three on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is my writing time. Two hours may not sound like much but last November, for example, I got down a 50,000 word draft of book number three of the Curmudgeon Avenue series. I consult my list, which might include working on my Open University degree in Creative Writing, working on the next chapter, writing a blog post, or reviewing a book that I have finished reading.

Then it’s the end of the day!

Although I work from home, it is important, for lots of different reasons to stop writing/working change position and do all the other things that I haven’t mentioned. I try and keep any socialising to the weekend (without overdoing it, of course!)


Just to say

I am able to write full time because I had to give up nursing because I’ve got MS. It is a full time job on its own managing this. It has taken me years after I retired, for lots of different reasons to get into this routine, sometimes life gets in the way, for example, next week, I have three appointments during the week that will wear me out and stop me from writing. But I am in a better place, when I started writing , I was waking up during the  night, creeping downstairs and writing then. Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but it wasn’t right for me.

It was Roald Dahl that gave me the idea.

A few years ago, I watched a documentary about Roald Dahl. His wife said that he would lock himself away from 10am until 4pm every day and write. So it’s not just me recommending routine!

My Visit to the Victoria Wood Exhibition, Bury Art Museum. Local Admiration and Inspiration.

‘We’d like to apologise to our viewers in the north… it must be awful for them’  Victoria Wood.

That short snapshot of genius humour was originally written by Victoria Wood for her late 80s show Victoria Wood as Seen on TV. It was delivered by Susie Blake in her dead pan continuity announcer impression. Today, the phrase is now plastered across the art museum in Victoria Wood’s (and mine) home town of Bury, near Manchester, UK. And rightly so, until September 2019 is an exhibition of her Bafta winning career.

I’m not sure if it is the Northwest sense of humour, but Victoria Wood’s work was always right up my street. I humbly go as far to say she must have been a subconscious influence to me, I started watching as a 12 year old and am now writing and self publishing comedy drama and romantic comedy novels. And I am absolutely convinced that Victoria Wood’s words and work have entertained, humoured and touched many, many fans. She was right up everyone’s street regardless of where your street is.

20190214_125530 The exhibition is well worth a visit, the walls are full of Victoria Wood’s story, above is the first house she lived in on Tottington Road, Bury. It is bonkers to me to think that someone so talented and fabulous lived on the same road my husband works on now, and a stone’s throw from where we live. But enough of my ‘wows’. Two big rooms are filled with bits and pieces of memorabilia, costumes, scripts and photographs …


Radio Times covers (there’s more than two) well worth a nosy for the nostalgia lover. Not pictured, an early Red Nose Day cover.


Can you see the opening times on this poster? And Bury bus/tram interchange in the background, walking distance. The museum is on Moss Street, round the corner from the library, there is on street parking (metered) and the building is wheelchair friendly. link to Bury Art Museum

The exhibition is free, there is a donation box in the foyer, click on the link in pink above for opening times.

20190214_130009There are two large display cases, which admittedly me trying to catch them on my mobile phone is not the same as visiting in person. Behind glass are costumes from Dinnerladies and As Seen on TV. Me being me, I could not resist a snap of this knitted Guns N Roses jumper which I think Maxine Peake’s character Twinkle wore in Dinnerladies. Scripts from the previously mentioned shows plus the bitter-sweet Pat and Margaret and Housewife, 49. 

More pictures:




A sneaky glance in the dressing room mirror. The Baftas below.



The final photo, ‘WE MISS YOU VICTORIA xxx’ it’s a bit wonky because I was a bit emotional. There is a gorgeous tea room upstairs, where I ordered one soup, rather than two . Do you remember the famous ‘two soups sketch’? After Victoria Wood passed away in 2016, I bought two soups in a supermarket, and was affronted that the person on the till did not get the joke … it was most likely my delivery…

Below is a snap of soup, plus a photo of the parting shot of the exhibition, an opportunity to dress up as ‘Kimberley’s friend’.

We miss you Victoria xxx



Publication day for my 6th book (3rd in Curmudgeon Avenue series)

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

I am thrilled to bits to be able to bring to you book number three in the Curmudgeon Avenue series ‘Edna and Genevieve Escape From Curmudgeon Avenue’ . I enjoyed writing this one so much, one of my proof readers told me this is the best thing I have ever written! As it’s Valentine’s day, why not treat yourself to a hilarious romantic comedy set in non other than the wonderful city we like to call Manchester.

When Genevieve returned to Curmudgeon Avenue in book one, she whisked Edna away to live in France (after a few months in Northumberland!) This time, we see the couple settled into the gorgeous Chateau le Grincheaux on the Bordeaux border, with their Scottish hosts Mr and Mrs Bove. A place called Rocamadour catches Edna’s eye, but Genevieve really does not want to visit – in actual fact, as Edna embraces all things European, Genevieve bends over backwards to shy away from her French roots. Why is Genevieve acting so strange?!

Meanwhile, back in Manchester, love is in the air for Small Paul and Toonan also, love birds Harold and Edith have their own little set of surprises – or is that two surprises!

Edna and Genevieve Escape From Curmudgeon Avenue is available here (UK) or here (US)

Check out my Amazon page

I’m off to spend the rest of Valentine’s day eating, drinking and smelling roses.

PS Curmudgeon Avenue book 4 ‘The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue’ will be released later this year!

Edna and Genevieve cover_002Lol! That’s the cover I’m working on above!

Happy reading, happy Valentine’s day, Samantha xx

Tough Love Needs Me to Blog About Writer’s Block

I sometimes have too many ideas, I wouldn’t say this is a block as such. It’s like I cannot write quickly enough – and that’s the truth.

Ernest Hemingway famously maintained that it was bad luck to talk about writing. But it was alright for him- he was Ernest Hemingway! He had a point though; after two and a half years of self publishing and almost five years of writing full-time I know that it is more important to actually write than spending all day talking about it. And by talking, you must know I mean social media, not just writing groups. Dorothea Brande agrees in her 1934 book ‘Becoming A Writer’ (I am recommending this book) when she said that although talking about writing can be valuable, too much of it is draining (a paraphrase of a quote).

I would much rather write than talk, my goodness, there is so much out there on the internet and I feel it has put me at risk of THINKING I have writer’s block, and I don’t. Do you know, the other day I finished doing all the formatting nonsense on KDP for my latest book Edna and Genevieve Escape From Curmudgeon Avenue and then I wrote 31 first draft lines of a 40 line poem I have to write for my degree, and I still thought I ‘hadn’t written anything’ know what I mean?

Let’s find out what the experts say.

Larry W Phillips edited Ernest Hemingway on Writing this is a collection of diary entries and letters (Scriber 1984/2004) in it, Ernest Hemingway talks about some books being easy to write, some are like drilling rocks (not a direct quote). Thanks Ernest Hemingway, to me, that means GO FOR IT, sometimes it’s meant to be hard.

Stephen King hardly mentions writer’s block in his 2000 book On Writing from what I can glean. I read this book studiously three years ago and often return to parts of it. King talks about only experiencing true writer’s block when he was at university studying Creative Writing! His advice is to write anything you want to as long as you are honest (paraphrased quote) .

Dorothea Brande in her book I mentioned earlier talks about the ‘Artistic Coma’ again, this book is well worth reading. The Artistic Coma is about the importance of writers having time to dream- I love that, from that I took the notion that I am writing subconsciously, even when I’m not writing.

And what of the actual Creative Writing degree I am studying? The advice I have picked up, without directly quoting, is to leave your ambitions at the door when writing because they are not part of  the experience of writing itself. I felt a whole lot better after realising this.

What’s my advice? GO FOR IT. If life events sabotage your writing time that cannot be helped, but worry not because more than likely, you will be writing subconsciously when you are stuck in traffic, or some other distraction. Rejuvenate those creative brain cells, make sure you read loads and if you still can’t think of ‘something to write’, then tough love is telling me to tell you ‘don’t’ – well not today anyway…

Happy writing, Samantha



Alternative Resolutions

I know it’s not New Year’s exactly, but my point is, we have all year to fulfil what we resolve to achieve. And if I don’t write it down, then I won’t do it…

First off health. Not really alternative, it’s a common theme in January. I don’t have much to say except in December, I read a health book called ‘The Healing Point’ by James Lilley. I learnt loads, and as soon as I get over this two week cold (two weeks everyone) then I am going to try his tips on better sleep -magnesium. I can’t say more READ IT!

Second on the list is to finish and publish book three of the Curmudgeon Avenue series ‘Edna and Genevieve Escape From Curmudgeon Avenue’ just a few tweaks, and providing my final two readers don’t return to me with a ‘STOP! Don’t publish this nonsense!’ It should be with us at the end of January. Should anyone want a free ARC in return for a review, give me a shout (this version will be a download minus the first chapter of the next book).

Third, and something I’m really excited about, my writer friend Maggie Melville and myself are collaborating on a short story collection called ‘THE WIT AND THE GRIT’ . We have lots to do, the majority is written but there are decisions to be made and so on. Maggie is so talented she writes some really dark, gritty stuff (you know the kind you find in bestsellers?) And as you know, I write quirky bits of nonsense. WATCH THIS SPACE.

Blogging. I resolve to continue blogging, this year there will be a slight change, I’m still going to be as random as ever, but once a month, I am hoping to produce a ‘writing topic post’ you may have seen last week’s ‘Reviewing books; there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be frightened of’ . In addition to this, I am hoping to serialise Curmudgeon Avenue into a weekly blog, I’ll have to give it a try because each chapter is 1000 words or thereabouts, possibly too long for a blog post but I’ve got nothing to lose.

Reading. Somehow, I have managed to accumulate over one hundred books on my to be read list. Ironically, as I finished ‘1984′ I realised that I had 101 books left to read. Mmm.

Well I think that’s quite enough for now, I quite like getting all rejuvenated in January.

Happy reading and writing,

Samantha xx


black calendar close up composition
Photo by Pixabay on

The Harold and Edith Adventures are on NetGalley during December!

Book two of the Curmudgeon Avenue series ‘The Harold and Edith Adventures’ is on NetGalley during December. Or you can get it here

Curmudgeon Avenue is about a Victorian house in Whitefield, Manchester that does not like it’s new owners. By book two, love is in the air between Harold and Edith, Edith’s sister Edna is missing, presumed living in France, and Ricky Ricketts is continuing his entanglement with on/off devotee, Wantha. Things take a turn for the worse, when a tall, dark and smartly dressed man starts prowling around the street.

A fun filled comedy drama that will lift your mood and make you smile!

Happy reading, Samantha