On Achieving a Distinction in The Creative Writing Module of My Degree.

Hello everyone, and thank you for joining me on my monthly ‘writerly ramblings’ blog post., (yes I made that word up!)

Yesterday, I was thrilled to bits to receive an overall score of 82% in the creative writing module of my degree. I have no words, I have regained my self-worth.

Achievable, I would say because I am studying with the Open University. The teaching and support is first class. I don’t need to leave my house. I only work when I feel up to it, (I have to pace myself ALL the time because of fatigue). I can turn the computer off if I get a headache, or if my eyes start hurting, and so on. I won’t go on about MS, you won’t meet two people who have the condition with the same symptoms, and impetuously worded conversations around it can become rather tiresome.*

When I was forced to give up nursing six years ago due to having MS, I went through a very difficult time. This is part of my (non-fiction) story.  When I started writing ‘full-time’ an ex-colleague commented ‘If you can do that, why can’t you still work?’ Not the case, and not the point either, it was not my decision to leave work, and it was not my fault that I have this chronic condition.

You can see why I am nervous about celebrating my good news, but the point I am trying to make is, this is me now. There is hope, it is possible to dig yourself out of a hole, and if you happen to be reading this post because you have searched ‘writing inspiration’ then I am saying to you ‘JUST GO FOR IT’. Writing will give you SO MUCH.

Writing for me is not just a case of my legs don’t work like they used to so now I have to do something different. I write because I love it. I love reading, I love escaping into a different world and I love that I can write and escape into another world too. And I am studying writing because my husband (correctly) suggested ‘why don’t you learn your trade?’

I write because it feels like this is what I should be doing.

Getting a good result has been an added bonus, I have learnt so much during this module which will hopefully feature in further blog posts – in particular, that ‘writing what you know, doesn’t mean writing what you know (about)’. That blew my mind, and I was very pleased to learn it. I don’t think J K Rowling knew about how to be an eleven-year-old wizard, and Stephen King did not know how to be a menstrual teenager but they still wrote about what they could see, smell, taste, imagine etc – this is what you know – AS A HUMAN.

On reflection, I have learnt that I am ‘safe’ in my writing style, this is what I’ll be working on next – although I cannot promise any sex scenes in my series Curmudgeon Avenue!

I must also add to why I am able to ‘achieve’; I am in a good place, I have an amazing, supportive husband not only in what he says but he makes life easy for me. Doing the shopping, the garden, walking the dog, anything. My daughter is the funniest person I know and, she has grown up! She has a fab job and lives with her lovely boyfriend. (in other words, I don’t have small children to look after!)

Edna and Genevieve cover_000Featured Image -- 1533This is the Curmudgeon Avenue series


Happy reading and writing everybody! Samantha xx

PS, the picture is from WordPress’ free photo library, I have a while to go before I graduate. 🙂

Author: samanthahenthornfindstherightwords

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my author blog. I write every day, I read every day, so we most likely have lots in common! I currently have seven books available on Amazon '1962', 'Piccalilly' 'Quirky Tales to Make Your Day' and the Curmudgeon Avenue series. I live near Manchester UK with my fabulous husband and wonderful, gorgeous grownup daughter, two cats and one dog. I write three types of blog; 1) Fiction written by myself and accompanied by one of my suitable photos or sketches. 2) Ramblings and amusing observations on life. I do not tend to write about anything serious (but admire those that do). 3) NEW! Book reviews. Although my priority is completing my next novel, if I like something I will share it. If I don't have anything nice to say, however, I won't say anything at all. Please see 'contacts' on menu. Sharing is caring, and so is reciprocation!

15 thoughts on “On Achieving a Distinction in The Creative Writing Module of My Degree.”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, SAM! I am SO proud of you and absolutely delighted for you! You are an incredible human being and a hugely talented writer. I’m not going to say “I told you so” ….. but I did!!! Hahaha!! Go celebrate with that wonderful husband. Mark, you’re one in a million!

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  2. Hi Sam, I was so delighted to read of your amazing success in the creative writing module, we’ll done you! Am so proud of you. I can imagine it must be an upward battle sometimes but you seem to know how to make the best of your ‘good’ time and that is a lesson in itself. Keep up the good work. With love, Linda xxx

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  3. Huge congratulations and I’m not surprised you’re thrilled. A distinction is amazing. If that’s a module of your degree, what are you studying? Spookily enough, I’m studying through OU at the moment too! I’m on the very final stretch of an MA in Creative Writing and, like you, I absolutely love the flexibility to be able to study when I want/when I feel like it. Enjoy that fabulous grade and I’m so pleased you’re finding some gems in your learning.
    Jessica x


    1. Thank you so much! Look everyone Jessica Redland has commented – her books are adorable 💖 I’m doing a creative writing and English literature degree next module is reading books I haven’t chosen to read. 😓 ha that’s not it’s name. No way I’m doing a MA so hats off to you xxx


  4. Aw, thank you. That’s lovely. I have a confession to make: I thought I was following you and you simply didn’t post regularly but, when you commented on my last post, I found your site to double check and I wasn’t. Eek! Now rectified. That sounds like a fascinating degree and I think that the next module really should be called “books you haven’t chosen to read” because that does what it says on the tin! Never thought I would do an MA as I really struggled with my undergraduate degree … although that was probably partially down to the subject (banking and finance – zzzzz). Decided to challenge myself, though, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Just the EMA to go (15k words of fiction) and it’s all done xx


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