Anne Frank’s Diary; Thoughts.


I’m not going to review this, reason being, I feel too humble. It is nothing to do with me. I was not alive at the time, I’m not Dutch, or Jewish, or German. But I am human and am always overly touched by stories of what happened in WWII. (bearing in mind this was written by the woman who wept when she visited the Bronte museum last year). I just want to share my thoughts and explain myself as to why it has taken me so long to read The Diary of Anne Frank. It is just over thirteen years ago that three of my friends and myself visited Amsterdam for our thirtieth birthdays. (Yes Sara, if you read this it was your 21st, as it was last year also). We were having a fun packed weekend, but respectful silence fell when we visited Anne Frank’s house, which as you probably know is a museum now. I had first learned of Anne Frank when I was at school, and I remember trying to imagine what it was like to have to stay silent during the day, hidden away so that the unsuspecting pepper factory workers were oblivious to your existence. What if you needed to sneeze, or cough? Although this was the least of Anne’s worries, her writing took you right there, into the world of the hidden rooms. When we were leaving the museum, we passed a display of Anne’s diary books for sale. I cannot tell you why I didn’t buy it then, maybe I resisted because, I’m embarrassed to say I think I thought it would upset me too much. In my defence, the year I turned thirty, I had just received a life changing diagnosis and had gone through a relationship break up. Hark at me! Making excuses, this kind of thing was the least of the Frank family’s problems. You know that feeling when you pass something and think ‘I should buy this, otherwise I’ll regret it’? Well I must have regretted it all these years, because The Diary of Anne Frank was on my mind.  Fast forward thirteen years to the world of E-books and increased internet use, it took me two days to read the book, and although I said I feel as though I am in no position to review it, I want to share my thoughts. Anne’s writing is beautiful, articulate and funny at times – but filled me with sadness about what Anne could have become. She talks about wanting to be a journalist, but Anne Frank would have gone on to be one of the strongest female writers of our time. The book filled me with an emotional overload. And look at her picture, she is beautiful. I knew how the story ended, but when you arrive at the end… oh. What happened next, you know when you finish a Kindle book, and it asks you how many stars you would give the book? It then asked me the standard question, would I like to follow the author, Anne Frank? So that I the reader can be notified, should she write any further books. That’s when it hit me the most. Yes I would follow you, Anne I’m pretty sure you would have been one of my favourite authors. The very best author of our time.

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2 thoughts on “Anne Frank’s Diary; Thoughts.”

  1. I think Ann would have been pleased that the ‘emotional overload’ will somehow filter through to yours and other people’s writing. Thus her legacy will continue.
    Linda x

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