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Have You Read it?

20170905_091436Yay! Someone bought one of my books this week. One lonely anonymous person on my KDP page. Heartwarming! Next novel ‘Curmudgeon Avenue’ is now 20,000 words into its first draft. A long wait is ahead as I am putting all of my energy into my mature student degree, and when I say all my energy… I don’t have much!

Happy reading everyone, love Samantha

Nice One!

20170924_155249I got a nice surprise the other day when I was looking at my KDP pages on Amazon. Some kind person has reviewed my book ‘1962’ IN AMERICA!!! Yes it’s true, someone from that massive country has read a book by little me! I am so made up! Thank you whoever you are. In terms of progress, learning about advertising I am reaching the conclusion (in a non-scientific way) that ‘word of mouth’ is the way forward. I’ve been sharing the love all year, reviewing as much as I have time for. This morning I reviewed the bar I went to last night, five stars for The Northern Crafthouse in Whitefield, they have a ‘gin palace’ and everything! That’s another story…

Happy writing, Samantha


20170825_162709 (2)Clinging to the comfort of cotton-closeness

Is it really time to say goodbye?

Your waistband is frayed,

and too tight, anyway.

Holes around the ankles,

from when the Dog was a puppy.

A patterned bleach-splash that

turned out quite beautiful-

and sort of blended in.

Cleaning in pyjamas became

gardening in pyjamas,

graduated to shopping in pyjamas.

That’s why I need a new pair.

So difficult to choose because I

tend to fill them up with my

ever increasing behind.

It’s getting bigger and bigger.

Now I don’t fit you, and

you don’t fit me.

We’ve had some good times,

but it’s time to say goodbye.

I wonder if the recycling will want you?


All’s Well That Ends Well

20170908_115553 (2)

I think I read somewhere that anxiety symptoms can be part of having MS. Actually, there is something on the MS society website about this. Today I woke up with a great day to look forward to but I found that familiar sick feeling of doom starting to creep in. I had fallen down the last four steps of my staircase when I first got up out of bed, I had not realised that my legs were not awake. One minute I was making my way downstairs, the next I was sat firmly on my behind, with my husband appearing at the back of me telling me he was going to ‘buy me a stair lift’ … I was not hurt that much, but I think this is where the panic started. I had a hair appointment at my friend’s hairdressing shop. With one thing and another, I have had a summer without a car, and only just bought a new one. To be honest, I was quite enjoying not having to drive anywhere. The new car is easy, an automatic, just press D for drive and go, I don’t even have to use my (numb) left hand. No gear stick, no handbrake. But today, the thought of parking up there had been playing on my mind until it was something it wasn’t. By the time I got to my appointment I was shaking all over. Well, I had a cup of tea and a laugh about it and soon I was wondering what I had been worried about. So, why the blog post? Well after conquering my temporary fear of parking down a little street in Whitefield, I got home to find my books have arrived five days early for my next OU module of my Creative Writing BA honours degree. After debating all summer if I was up to it, and being told ‘if I can do an OU degree, I must be ‘alright then’ (!) I made no decisions either way about carrying on. Now the books are here, still in their box. September always seems very different to me, reminding me of school, reminding me of when my daughter was at school. The other night, I woke up in (another) panic, I had a nightmare about buying school blouses but couldn’t find the right size or correct collar! I think last year, I tried too hard too soon and tried to continue doing all the things that I was already doing in the week (writing groups and physiotherapy). This year, I really have to plan my time, I am on strict instructions from the MS nurse to have a sleep in the middle of the day. I need to plan my time around myself, and why shouldn’t I? Then my husband came home, he has been to pick up his pizza trailer today (this is another story). It is bigger than he thought, he had loads of fun reversing it down the street, much to the disgust of our neighbours. No harm was done of course. Do you ever feel like you are living in a sit-com? I do.

This is linked to my social media accounts. If you view me blogging about my illness as a negative, then this is for you, the people that have said to me ‘it’s alright for some’ or ‘you can’t be like that all the time’. If you view this post as positive, (I do) this is for you, who know I am really looking forward to seated yoga on Monday, with Carol and all her fabulous breathing exercises and balance boosting stretches.

All’s well that ends well, it’s the weekend… Happy weekend everyone!  

I Promised Progress

I am 4000 words in to my next novel, ‘Curmudgeon Avenue’. I need to tell you a story about Harold and Edith and all the adventures they get up to. But before I do, I need to explain how Harold, Edith and Edna (Edith’s sister) ended up living together in a four storey Victorian terrace in Whitefield. I know what’s going to happen, and you will too, if you want to read it! This little collection in the photo is starting to grow. Copyright Samantha Henthorn 201720170905_091436.jpg